14 may 2019
Bocconcino Restaurant on Patriarch Ponds is one of the first to meet spring. Panoramic windows are already open, they create a feeling of relaxation on the patio. Cozy benches are located right on the sidewalk where you can enjoy Aperol in a relaxed atmosphere. In the evenings, starting from May, DJ parties are planned.

And one more offer – as warmth sets in, the cocktail menu was supplemented by a line of refreshing soft drinks with the flavors of sweet orange and spicy kumquat, fully ripened mango and juicy strawberries, blackcurrant and basil, sugar melon with fresh mint (0.4 ml - 450 rubles, 0, 8 ml - 850 rub.).

Address:  Bolshoi Patriarshiy lane, building 4
Telephone: 8 (495) 937-05-78

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