Please note

Delivery of dishes of this category is carried out only within Kutuzovsky Prospekt. We ask you to be understanding.

Shrimp sushi (2 p.)

Rice, tiger prawn

60/20/5 g
300 rub

Sushi crab (2 p.)

Rice, Kamchatka crab, nori and mayonnaise

56/20/5 g
610 rub

Sushi with scallop (2 p.)

rice, scallop.

56/20/5 g
300 rub

Sushi with eel (2 p.)

Round-eyed rice, eel.

58/20/5 g
380 rub

Sushi with tuna (2 p.)

Round-grain rice, back of Spanish tuna.

56/20/5 g
220 rub

Sushi with salmone (2 p.)

Round-grain rice, salmon.

56/20/5 g
320 rub