Baked peppers covered with tonnato sauce

Pickled pepper, vitello tonnato sauce,chive, salted capers, cress salad.

190 g
500 rub

Tartar tuna with guacamole sauce

Guacamole, tuna steak, chive, cilantro, chili pepper, parmigiano-reggiano, sriracha, worcestershire sauce,...

260 g
880 rub

Tartar beef

Beef cut, red onions, capers, Tabasco sauce, dijon mustard, worcestershire sauce, salt, quail eggs, baguette,...

145/25 g
900 rub

Burrata cheese

Burrata, tomatoes, rocket salad, basil, Pesto sauce, black pepper, vinaigrette sauce

280 g
800 rub

Sicilian olives

Olives, olive oil

100 g
300 rub

Parma ham with melon

Dried-cured ham, melon, currant sprig

80/200 g
730 rub

Taggiasche olives

Taggiasca olives, olive oil

100 g
430 rub

Carpaccio of Denver

Beef, rocket salad

100 g
700 rub

Vitello Tonnato

Boiled veal covered with tuna sauce, anchovy, capers and homemade mayonnaise

130 g
670 rub

Eggplants Parmigiano

Aubergines,tomato sauce, basil, parmigiano-reggiano, olive oil

350 g
660 rub

Assorted Cheeses

Goat cheese, Caciotta, Camembert, Reblochon, honey with truffle oil, strawberry, mint, green olives, black...

160/125 g
1000 rub