Salad with octopus and fennel

Octopus, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, fennel, romano salad, arugula, lollo rossa salad, thyme, watercress,...

355 g
1300 rub

Vegetable salad

Romano salad, spinach, lolla rossa salad, iceberg salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, red onion, olive oil,...

280 g
540 rub

Salad Nicoise

Tuna, Kenyan beans, mini potatoes, cherry tomatoes, chicken egg, spinach, honey mustard dressing, garlic oil,...

275 g
840 rub

Caesar salad with chicken

Chicken, chicken marinated with honey, ginger and spices, with lettuce, homemade croutons and parmigiano...

230 g
650 rub

Caesar salad with prawns

Prawns, fried in white wine and garlic oil, with lettuce, homemade croutons and parmigiano cheese

205 g
770 rub

Salad with Strachatella

Stracciatella, rocket salad, lettuce, uzbekistan tomatoes, basil, garlic oil

190 g
650 rub

Salad with duck breast

Air-dried breast salad, spinach, rocket salad, lettuce, dried tomatoes, parmigiano-reggiano, balsamic...

130 g
600 rub

Salad with artichokes

Lettuce, rocket salad, artichoke, cherry tomatoes, parmigiano-reggiano, lemon dressing

170 g
720 rub

Avocado and tomato salad

Tomatoes, lemon, radish, bread, avocado, edamame,red onion, basil, quail eggs, "Guacamole" sauce

270 g
740 rub

Arugula and prawns salad

Prawns, arugula, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes with lemon dressing and parmigiano cheese

200 g
860 rub

Tomatoes with red onion

Traditional mix of Baku tomatoes and red onion with olive oil and capers dressing

250 g
550 rub

Genovese salad

Beet, goat milk cheese, parmigiano and pine nuts with pesto dressing

350 g
500 rub