Please note

Delivery of dishes of this category is carried out only within Kutuzovsky Prospekt. We ask you to be understanding.

Warm Toro salmon roll

Salmon, daikon, sweet pepper, spice sauce, cucumber, Lollo Rossa, batter

550 rub

Syake Furikake

Fried salmon, avocado, tobiko caviar, Japanese mayonnaise, sesame seeds, sibulet onions, tuna shavings

750 rub

Crispy roll with spicy tuna

Tuna, cucumber, avocado, Sibul angle, spice sauce, batter, masaga caviar

700 rub

Vegetarian rolls

Avocado cucumber, sweet pepper, mini asparagus, daikon, Lolla Rossa, rice paper

480 rub

Warm roll with salmon and green apple

Salmon, Philadelphia cheese, spicy sauce, green apple, unagi sauce. 5 pcs.

780 rub

Warm roll with king crab

king crab, Philadelphia cheese, avocado, shrimps, tobiko, yuzu citrus mayonnaise. 5 pcs.

850 rub

Philadelphia roll

Salmon, Philadelphia cheese, avocado, eel, caviar. 6 pcs.

1050 rub

Warm roll with king crab

Crab meat, spicy sauce, onion siboulet, tempura

1300 rub

Warm roll volcano

Salmon, scallops, spicy sauce, unagi sauce, tobiko caviar

840 rub

Roll Chizkani

Crab meat, salmon, Philadelphia, tempura crumb

1100 rub

Tuna roll with sharp crab

Tuna, crab meat, avocado, spice sauce

620 rub

Mini roll with eel

Classic roll with eel

300 rub