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Delivery of dishes of this category is carried out only within Kutuzovsky Prospekt. We ask you to be understanding.

Tuna and crab spicy roll

6 pc. Rice, tuna, crabmeat, cucumbers, tobiko caviar, nori, spicy sauce, chili

194 g
950 rub

Spicy scallop roll

5 pc. Rice, scallop, curd cheese, cucumber, tobiko caviar, nori, spicy sauce, tempura

140 g
750 rub

Spicy salmon crispy rice

Rice, salmon, bunch-onion, chive, ginger, wasabi, chili sauce

160 g
560 rub

Tuna roll with tabadjan sauce

5 pc. Tuna, avocado, cucumber, rice, nori, tabadjan sauce, tobiko caviar, tempura

150 g
550 rub

Warm roll tempura

Tiger prawn, daikon, mayonnaise, Sriracha sauce, shichimi pepper, sesame

200/20/5 g
880 rub

Ebi tempura

Shrimp in batter-5 p. Eby sauce, spice sauce, sweet and sour sauce and lime.

136 g
780 rub

Warm tuna roll

Rice , nori, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber, tempura , spice sauce ,tuna, onion siboulet

150 g
360 rub

Warm Toro salmon roll

Salmon, daikon, sweet pepper, spice sauce, cucumber, Lollo Rossa, batter

130/20/5 g
550 rub

Syake Furikake

Fried salmon, avocado, tobiko caviar, Japanese mayonnaise, sesame seeds, sibulet onions, tuna shavings

158/20/5 g
750 rub

Crispy roll with spicy tuna

Tuna, cucumber, avocado, Sibul angle, spice sauce, batter, masaga caviar

186 g
700 rub

Vegetarian rolls

Avocado cucumber, sweet pepper, mini asparagus, daikon, Lolla Rossa, rice paper

220/20/5 g
480 rub

Warm roll with salmon and green apple

Salmon, Philadelphia cheese, spicy sauce, green apple, unagi sauce. 5 pcs.

170/20/5 g
780 rub