Baked veal with mashed potatoes and black truffle

Braised veal with white wine, mashed potatoes with truffle, cress salad, truffle paste

315 g
1300 rub

Strip steak

Strip steak, baked garlic, lemon, salt, pepper

250/60 g
1700 rub

Tenderloin in pepper sauce with mashed potatoes and spinach

Tenderloin in pepper sauce, mashed potatoes with truffle oil, spinach, thyme, garlic, butter, olive oil,...

290 g
1550 rub

Veal liver with onion

Veal liver, onion, cress salad, tomatoes, vegetable broth, olive oil, reduced balsamic vinegar

300 g
900 rub

Chicken with potatoes

Cooked on an open fire chicken. Served with salad leaves mix

1/150/80 g
890 rub

Turkey of a Milanez

Turkey steak, romano salad, rocket salad, radicchio, corn salad, lemon, parsley, cherry tomatoes, reduced...

250/95/40 g
800 rub