Cream - custard with cream, chocolate glaze on top

90 g
320 rub

Chocolate TORTINI

Chocolate muffin with molten chocolate inside

143 g
370 rub

Cheesecake with berry

Flour, egg, butter, brown sugar, cremette cheese, dairy cream, sour creame, raspberry, sugar, strawberry,...

229 g
480 rub

Apple Napoleon

Puff paste, apples, comdensed milk, raspberry sauce, mint, sugar powder

260 g
400 rub

Napoleon classic

Puff paste, powder sugar, raspberry.Pastry cream: milk,sugar,egg,flour,butter,vanilla

235 g
400 rub

Honey cake Two Creams

Flour, sugar, egg, buckwheat honey, butter, soda, lemon juice, sour cream, condensed milk

190 g
400 rub


Ladyfingers cookies, Americano coffee. Mousse : mascarpone, egg, sugar, dairy cream, gelatin, dark rum....

160 g
370 rub

"Kartoshka" Chocolate cake

Biscuit (sugar, flour,egg), cocoa, butter, condensed milk, rum extract, vanilla syrup monin, sugar syrup,...

55 g
200 rub

Fig candy

Dried fig, hazelnut, filling: dark chocolate, sour cream, fruit sugar,butter, amaretto. Glazed in dark...

43 g
120 rub

Candy with prunes

Prune in wine (spices: muscat, clove, cinnamon, sugar, walnut), glazed with dark chocolate

22 g
120 rub

Candy with dried apricots

Dried appricot, chopped almond, cream: white chocolate, sour cream, butter, liqueur Carolans. Glazed in white...

23 g
120 rub

Assorted candies

with prunes 2 pc., with dried appricot 2 pc., with figs 2 pc.

176 g
450 rub