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Ordering dishes of this category must be done at least one day in advance. We ask you to be understanding.

Napoleon cake with apples

Puff paste crusts, apples, condensed milk, dairy cream,raspberry sauce, sugar powder

1500 g
5500 rub

Black forest cake

Chocolate biscuit, cherry, mascarpone, chocolate, dairy cream, sugar syrup, sugar powder

2100 g
7000 rub

Pistachio cake with raspberry

Pistachio crust, cream cheese, mascarpone, meringue, raspberry, blueberry, condensed milk, dairy cream,...

1700 g
7500 rub

Bird's milk cake

Classic bird's milk (custard buttercream) with natural vanilla, short pastry crust, Belgian chocolate glaze

2600 g
7500 rub

Three chocolate cake

Biscuit cake with chocolate mousse and glaze decorated with macaroon

2000 g
7500 rub


Classic cheescake, short pastry, curd cheese, dairy cream, strawberry, blueberry, raspbery

1800 g
7000 rub

Lemon cake with meringue

Biscuit cake with meringue and lemon mousse

2000 g
6500 rub

Honey cake Two Creams

Biscuit crusts, buckwheat honey, sour cream, condensed milk, preserved apple in white chocolate

2000 g
6500 rub