Bocconcino story

Bocconcino restaurant is a tasty Italian dishes made from excellent quality ingredients; it's one of the best pizzas in the city made by Italian pizzaiolo; it's a wide list of Italian fine wines served by the glass and a relax atmosphere conveyed by the pizza restaurant in Forte dei Marm town.

The first Bocconcino restaurant in Moscow was opened in 2006 at Strastnoy Boulevard by famous Moscow restaurant-keeper Mikhail Gokhner. Today BOCCONCINO is a popular restaurant chain with 7 restaurants in Moscow, London and Nizhny Novgorod

Bocconcino restaurants

Bocconcino in DEPO Lesnaya

+7 (926) 926-5-926 Moscow, Lesnaya st., 20c4 from 12:00 am till 12:00 midnight

Bocconcino in Aviapark

+7 (495) 970-12-15 Moscow, Khodynskiy Bul'var, 4
from 10:00 am till 12:00 midnight

Bocconcino in Strastnoy Boulevard

+7 (926) 926-5-926 Moscow, Strastnoy boulevard, 7 from 11:00 am till 11:00 pm

Bocconcino in Patriarсh's Ponds

+7 (926) 926-5-926 Moscow, Big Patriarchal Lane, 4 from 11:00 am till 12:00 midnight

Bocconcino in Metropolis

7 (926) 926-5-926 Moscow, Leningradskoye shosse, 16A, bld.8
Metropolis Shopping Center
from 11:00 am till 12:00 midnight

Bocconcino in Kutuzovsky Avenue

7 (926) 926-5-926 Moscow, Kutuzovsky avenue,57
Okeaniya Shopping Center
from 10:00 am till 12:00 midnight

Bocconcino in Leninsky Prospect

7 (926) 926-5-926 Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 109
RIO Trade & Entertainment complex
from 10:00 am till 12:00 pm

Bocconcino in Michurinsky Prospect

+7 (926) 926-5-926 Moscow, Michurinsky prospect, 3 bld.1
Festival center
from 12:00 am till 00:00 pm

Bocconcino in Nizhny Novgorod

7 (831) 282-1-883 Nizhny Novgorod, Alekseevskaya street 10/16, LP Fashinon Gallery from 10:00 am till 12:00 midnight

Bocconcino in London

44 20 7499 4510 19 Berkeley St, London W1J 8ED, UK Monday - Saturday: 12.00am - 11.30pm; Sunday: 12.00am - 10.30pm

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And if you walk along the fashionable Knightsbridge or Belgravia Square (for some time also known as "Red Square"), or Mayfair, especially around Berkeley Square, the center of the so-called "Golden Mile", where most of our filming took place, then you'll come across and the recently opened Bokonchino restaurant by Mikhail Gokhner and the rather well-known Novikov restaurant, by the way, is not the only one in London owned by Arkady Novikov (his wife’s hairdresser is only a few miles away) and has become a noticeable part of the landscape the Hedonism wine store "Eugene Chichvarkin.



Sometimes it seems that it is no longer possible to open a new institution in Depot. You can find a kitchen in the food mall on Lesnaya for every taste, but there seems to be no place for new corners. Actually, it is not. Until recently, there was not a single large Italian restaurant in the space, and only in September Bocconcino opened there.



This awkward moment when I chose ... Instead of a date ...
 ᅠ Devour and neigh with your beloved girlfriend
 She also takes a beautiful picture!
 ᅠ Moreover, I was called for a date on coffee, and with Raccoon @ alyona_racc00n we just walked around in the new restaurant of the famous @bocconcinomoscow network
 I love coming to the newly opened movie theaters and restaurants: everything is brand new, fresh (even the smell of the “novelty” of furniture is felt)
 Add a restaurant to # places_as
 The staff is extremely attentive to each guest, the service is a tower!
 Well, the kitchen
 I advise you to try their signature pizza, medium rare tuna fillet and tuna tartar with guacamole sauce
 You’ll be in Moscow City, be sure to run there.
And do not forget to wash your hands in the royal washstand



Grazie al @bocconcinomoscow per piatto ottimo, buonissimo!



The most beautiful women are in Russia!
The best cars are German!
And the most delicious steak at @bocconcinomoscow!
Undoubtedly ...



A new restaurant on the territory of Moscow City in the IQ tower. A cozy place, delicious cocktails and Italian cuisine! We will come again!


Алиса Рожкова

Were in your restaurant for the first time after the repair! Much more comfortable than it was. We met very friendly, helped the children undress, and did not leave them unattended. They brought them pencils and coloring books. Such attention is very impressive! The attentive manager helped to understand the menu and choose dishes that both our and our children liked. I liked the seafood risotto very much, and the children were delighted with the meatballs in Italian. The kitchen is top notch as always. Had a good time sitting by the window display. We recommend this wonderful place in which you feel at home, always cozy and sincere. Thanks to the staff for creating such an atmosphere!


Егор Минаев

Hello. I went to dinner at dinner in this restaurant. Nice, comfortable atmosphere. Laconic design. Not noisy. The polite staff. The food is very tasty. Although he took only a salad with crab and caviar, and specialty pizza with Parma ham. All perfectly. I recommend.


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